Miss Red has a new sister.....*PICS*

  1. I love my red ergo so much I had to get a black one too.....That's it....I'm sooooo banned now LOL. I also ordered an indigo patchwork hobo but sent back.....it just didn't do it for me!


  2. Wow! That's so beautiful!

    Do you have any modeling pics of the red and black? And how often do you use your red bag? Do you find it's very versatile or do you limit it to work/going out/etc?
  3. I am in no condition (just got off a 12 hour night shift and look like a zombie lol) for model pics but may post some later. I haven't taken the black one out yet. The red one has been going everywhere except work. I'm a nurse and have a special bag for all my work stuff so my purses stay at home. Otherwise red has gone everywhere with me. I find it goes with anything, but I wear mostly dark tops and jeans. I find it very versatile. It's very light and has very generous pockets. ETA you can totally tell red is more broken in! It's slouchier and the straps are more relaxed.
  4. nice! congrats on your new addition!
  5. Very pretty! I love the patent leathers. I bought the tote last year in mahogany and it is still gorgeous :drool:
  6. Congratulations...they're both GORGEOUS!!
  7. I would love to see that bag in person; my Coach store does not have it. Congrats; they are beauties!
  8. :drool: Love them both!!
  9. Angelica, you so did the right thing! I too am addicted to the patent Ergo and have it in red, black and white. JMHO but Coach really hit it right when they made this bag. Congrats and ENJOY!!
  10. Yay for Coach "relatives"!! Both are gorgeous!!
  11. Gorgeous! :drool: Congrats! :yahoo:Your red has a sister now! But they might get into some "fights" to see who gets carried more. :lol: I was here FIRST! :roflmfao: Lol, sorry.
  12. I thought about getting the white but I know it won't look good on me :sad: If I happen to find one at the outlet I would probably get one just to ooooh and aaaaahhhh at it :yes:
  13. Oh yeah red is still definitely the alpha bag :roflmfao:
  14. Very nice, congrats =)
  15. They're both so pretty!!!