Miss me?

  1. Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to check in with you all - anyone even realize I have been missing for a while?! :shrugs: :Push:

    These past 2 weeks have been overly hectic for me - I was in Florida vacationing then moved into a new apartment in Ohio then had my family up visiting, so I have had barely any time to talk to you all! But I am back now and ready to make up for lost time! Hope you all are doing well, I missed ya :wlae:
  2. Welcome Back Megs :smile:
  3. Why thank you... its been a lonely week or 2!
  4. Welcome back Megs!! We missed you!!
  5. Welcome back Megs! :heart: How's your new apartment? :flowers:
  6. I hope you are all settled into your new apartment! Welcome back--of course, we all missed you!:flowers:
  7. Welcome back Megs. =)
  8. Good to have ya back!! missed chatting with ya!!!
  9. Of course! Welcome back! We've been really busy counting m&ms!
  10. welcome back megs! hope you like your new digs!
  11. Hope you love your new home, your old one[the tpf one] missed you.
    welcome back!!
  12. Welcome back!! Its nice having you back here. TPF just isnt the same without cha!
  13. Welcome back!!! Hope the vacation was a blast! So are you back in OH for good now? TPF definitely isn't the same without having you around to chat with!
  14. Megs you move around a lot!! Welcome back.
  15. Megs, Hope you move went smoothly. Good to see you back.
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