Miss Me jeans

  1. The pair I tried on did have some embellishments but were not too blingtastic!
    I am a major coug so it sounds like they'll be perfect for me. Well if cougar means that I date much younger men (although I haven't been to a bar or club in about 8 years)
    I am glad to hear that they have washed well, and the guy at the store mentioned that they would stretch out a bit, so I'm glad you reminded me of this fact. I just kind of thought they were a bit different from the standard uniform (up here anyways) of True Religions which do nothing for me, style-wise.
    Thanks ladies, I really appreciate your input.
  2. I used to buy because they have a long in-seam (I need 36") but I am not really into that bedazzled look any more. And like others have said, they do stretch out a lot. They seem to last a while, I still have a few pairs I bought years ago.

    I wonder if I should try selling them on eBay?
  3. For years I've been an avid wearer of 7 For All Mankind and Joe's Jeans. Recently I moved, and my friend introduced me to a store called Buckle, I'd never heard of it before. Anyway, she told me about these jeans she bought from them called Miss Me's which are only $100 a pair, way cheaper than I'd been paying, and I have to tell you the fit is to die for! They bling up the back pockets with some really nice details too. Needless to say I no longer buy 7 For All Mankind or Joe's, I'm now an avid Miss Me wearer. If you see this jeans, give 'em a try, they're amazing. They're the best fitting jeans I've ever worn, love them!
  4. I looked them up online and I have to admit, I'm not a fan of denim with "bling." It's just not my style. I'm glad you found something you like, though, OP:smile: It's always nice to find jeans in your perfect fit. My all-time favorites are AG Stevie jeans from Anthroplogie.
  5. I'm going to agree with vhdos. They're a little to True Religion-y for my liking. I have a hard body shape to shop for... full thighs, small waist, and not enough junk in the trunk so I'm always up to try new jean brands! Nothing beats my 7 For All Mankind straight leg jeans or J. Crew Matchstick. However, I recently purchased the new "skinny kick" jeans from American Eagle. They're so flattering, it's a skinny leg and flare jean in one. I highly recommend those too! And not too bad on the wallet, I hate paying over $100 jeans and then paying an extra $8 for alternations!
  6. A few year ago I had a great pair of Miss Me jeans! I did stop wearing them because of the detail stitching, but I have to totally agree with op on the fit. They were the best fitting jeans I've ever had. The rise was perfect, they made my butt and thighs look good. Even the length was perfect! I have every premium denim designer, and I love the fit of the Miss Me the best. If only they had a nice plain dark wash pair!!
  7. ^Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. All the styles were a bit "fancy" and I don't really see anyone wearing those style of jeans any more (maybe that's just where I live though). I prefer plain, dark washes. I haven't shopped The Buckle in years, but recently a friend of mine said that she buys her jeans (not Miss Me) there and suggested that I check them out. I think that there is a store in my local mall, so maybe I will visit the store the next time I'm there.
  8. I am glad you found something that fits you. Personally I think fit should be more important than the brand. I love how jbrand fits me and usually can find them under $100 at TJMaxx or Nordstrom Rack.

    I never cared for Miss Me. As pp mentioned thet are too blingged out and in my area, there a stereotypical women in their 40s who try really hard to look young, wear them. They are also sold at Dillard's.
  9. I remember Miss Me jeans from a while back. I haven't really seen them sold anywhere near me. They really remind me of True Religion/Affliction type of stuff--a bit over embellished for me. I was an avid Frankie B. (prepster; plain pockets) for years... I'm talking almost 6 years in the making, but I noticed that I've strayed from the ultra low rise and gone back to my simple 7 for all Mankind skinnies.
  10. I had never heard of this brand so I had to look them up, I see they have a few pairs of plain dark wash jeans now:

  11. You all had me set on the nice fit, but I too was scared about the "bling"

    I am pleasantly surprised they had a few nice "plain" pairs

    OP - Glad you found your perfect fit jeans, sometimes it's like finding a needle in a haystack
  12. You can definitely find 7FAM and Joe's for $99 and under. Nordie's Rack and the Outlets have them for really cheap!
  13. I was scared of the bling too, so this pair is great!
  14. Agreed, like Off 5th Saks or Neiman Marcus Last Call also.