miss marc katie

  1. Have you guys ever seen anyone with a Miss Marc Katie bag? I think they are so quirky and adorabe! Look at the zipper mouth!

    This tote is $268. Nordstrom is out of them. I'm looking around now.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Not a fan.... sorry.
  3. I think the bag is pretty cute too. Have you tried the Marc by Marc stores?
  4. I'm not liking it at all. The zippered mouth looks like something from a horror movie.
  5. It's very cute and quirky but I wouldn't pay anything past $50 for it. It's too much for a novelty to cost $268.
  6. Is that Katie Holmes? :P
  7. LOL!!!:lol: Could well be.. silent birth and all:P.
  8. I love the turquoise stitching on white canvas but that's the only thing I like. I think Miss Marc only looks cute on the tank tops and anything else is too much
  9. I think that just might be the thing I find oddly appealing about it. I'd definitely consider having it as a display piece / collector's item, but I'm not sure that I'd actually parade it around town...
  10. I think it's cute! But I wouldn't pay $268 for it!
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