MISS MARC Beach Bag. Do you like it?

  1. awwww that is cute!! I have her on a shirt, fell in love with it when i first saw it and had to get it. i really want that beach tote too!!
  2. I saw this bag IRL and it's very cute, but it's huge. I am not sure why MJ decided to make all his Miss Marc bag so oversized this year.
  3. Love love love it. But I agree, if they would make a mini version of this, I would be all over it :smile:.
  4. I think it's adorable. I have a shirt w/miss marc as well - too cute!
  5. THANKS !!! I will order it. Its really cute. OK... also huge ... but think for a beach bag is that fine.
  6. It's funky...it's cute!
  7. I think it's adorable
  8. I like it, but i am not about to pay $138 for a plastic bag.
  9. Has anybody here already bought from "mytheresa"? Is it a safe site?
  10. yes. it is a safe site. Im living in munich and there is a theresa shop in the city. No problem..... it is a safe site and the service ist perfekt!!!
  11. Glad to know! Thanks 'BAMBI_AS'!!!
  12. :heart::tup:
  13. Ive got that bag yesterday. Its really cute. And looks with the leather elements not like a cheap beach bag. I love it!! But its huge....
  14. I think the entire Miss Marc line is so funky and fun. This latest addition is no exception. Too cute!