Miss Marc as a Stewardess Tote - Yay or Nay?

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  1. I really really love Miss Marc and am thinking of getting the tote, but i don't know whether i should get it at all seeing I'm not too sure whether it'll be a practical bag? Any suggestions would be great! :biggrin:

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  2. i saw it at nordies today. i liked it but then i felt it and it seemed to thin to hold anything too heavy.
  3. I know I am in the minority here but I am not a fan of the Miss Marc line...
    But that being said, if you love it, go for it! ;)
  4. i don't think i'd be putting anything heavy in it though - it's just for casual use. i'm loving it more and more so i NEED to get it haha cream or chocolate?
  5. i think i'm too old for it--i don't really get it! lol...not a fan.

    but i agree with dawn...if you love it, go for it!
  6. I think it's nice! Especially in brown. But I love cute, funny things.
  7. It's a cute throw-around tote. I haven't seen it IRL so I'm not sure what the quality is like, but I love the Flight Attendant Miss Marc! It's probably my favourite so far!
  8. I saw it at Nordies yesterday with my 15 year old. Her enthusiasm for it (she saw it in Seventeen) confirmed I am WAY too old for the look.

    It was coated cotton that looked kinda fragile - like could use for maybe one vacation and then toss. JMOHO! -- Not coated canvas like LV goods -- More like oilcloth for one-use tableclothes - HA HA.
  9. i find the Miss Marc Stewardess scary :x .... her eyes look creepy LOL

    But overlooking that... i like the cream one over the brown
  10. i'm torn between cream and brown now - which one is a more versatile colour that would go with more outfits (my wardrobe is mainly black white grey navy)?
  11. I love the Miss Marc line (I'm 25), it seems like a very cute tote. I prefer the cream as well.
  12. I think it is cute. I would decide whether to buy or not to buy it based on your kind of style and how much you really like it.
  13. I prefer the cream one, but this Miss Marc scares me a bit with her eyes!
  14. Hehe, I like it's crazy look!
  15. I think that she is cute and youthful. I might wear a tee-shirt with her image.