Miss Lindsay Has Arrived!! Pics to come later :(

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  1. First off I apologize for no pics, I know how you ladies are :graucho: But my home laptop is el dead-o and I have no way to upload pictures, I'll have to do it from my work computer tomorrow.

    Thoughts on the bag: The angels were singing when I opened the box :yahoo:She is absolutely gorgeous. The leather is divine - when empty it is quite smooshy, but anything put in the inside keeps it upright. And it is super light! Such a difference from Miss Lily. I don't feel that the leather is subpar. The lining is a pretty satiny blue. BUT it feels a little..stiffer? than the Lily's lining. Like it'll hold up to wear and tear better. AND to my surprise - she doesn't have contrast stitching. It looked like it could go either way online/in catalogs but she has dark stitching.

    The teal color is gorgeous. Just like the online/catalog photos. i LOVE the handles - they're rolled with reinforcements. And she has a longer drop than the Lily. Very comfy on the shoulder. I didn't know how well I would like the shiny gold hardware but it goes very nicely with the bag. The interior is just like the Lily - the open pocket is a bit larger, but the back zippered pocket is smaller on the Lindsay than on the Lily (time for a small wallet).

    I wish I could take pictures, grrr. All the little details on the bag really make it great. Size wise, they are about the same. The Lindsay is a couple inches longer East/West. I think height is the same but it's hard to tell since the Lindsay does smoosh down a bit - but in a good way. Lends a more casual air to the bag. I promise I'll get pictures up tomorrow! :shame:
  2. Congrats!!! I saw this one at the boutique over the weekend. I considered getting it when they let me exchange my defective Peyton since it was the same price, but it was just a little squatty for me. The leather is nice, though, and I also like the shiny hardware on this one. ENJOY!!!
  3. Cool can't wait to see pics
  4. I cant wait to see pic ! either
  5. Congratulations! I love mine and hope you love yours as much.
  6. Great. Can't wait to see modeling pictures. Enjoy.
  7. ooooh. gorgeous buy! i.can't.wait!!
  8. Oh I can't wait to see pics! I think that I MUST have one as well!!!!!
  9. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your pics of this Lady. I L:heart:ve the leather on the Hamptons Vintage, textured & lightweight!

    Enjoy her, but don't forget us!
  10. Allrighty - I have some close ups - I'm at my office where the lighting sucks so it shows the bag a little more blue than it is in real life
  11. Gorgeous!! I love the charms you chose. The colors pop against the bag! Beautiful! congrats!
  12. I'm getting her some metal fobs with my PCE, I think they'll go nicely with all the hardware.
  13. Gorgeous, I love that bag... only if it weren't so expensive! :girlsigh:Congrats nawth21!
  14. oh she is stunning!!!!! x
  15. Miss Lindsay is gorgeous. I love the colour.