Miss Korea's bag

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  1. The beautiful Miss Korea is carrying a equally beautiful White Ferragamo's Marisa Should Bag[​IMG]


  2. I actually have this bag in black and I love it!!!
  3. damn she looks gorgeous.... that bag is so great, congrats on owning it, tonij!
  4. OMG! she is gorgeous!
  5. Beautiful bag and beautiful woman... but those are some BLINGY jeans! Someone went crazy with the bedazzler.
  6. she looks so pretty.
  7. It looks great on her!
  8. such a pretty girl!
    She would have been my pick for Miss Universe - but then again I have not watched the show so I wouldn't know how well Miss Japan did...
  9. That bag looks fabulous on her!

    And she is gorgeous!!!
  10. She is beautiful. I love her bag. =)
  11. i love this bag and was so keen on getting it, but unfortunately, i found that it's not that great to use as a shoulder bag as the straps tend to fall off my shoulders! wat a pity! but she is lovely!
  12. LOVE IT!

    haha tenmosquito... I think what did it in for Miss Korea was when she said that if she could choose a superpower, it would be a wallet that never ran out of money or somehing to that effect.