Miss Kelly and her Christmas Friends...

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  1. Miss Kelly experienced her first "road trip" this weekend... Well, she does not count her flight to Southern California from Las Vegas...

    MK was very excited for she had not been out of the box since dinner at Spago Las Vegas with the lovely Rose and her cousin (also Miss Kelly) from New York.

    So, off she was. A weekend in San Francisco. Miss Kelly accompanied SoCal and her DH. (She was a bit proud that she was able to travel to SF while her big sister, Miss Birkin, stayed at home.)

    SF was lovely! A wonderful weekend in the city. MK stayed at the Clift, experienced two very nice dinner outings and saw Jersey Boys (the musical, she is unsure if other patrons were from Jersey).

    MK also had her very first celebrity sighting! At H SF no less! As she returned to Hermes for the second time on Saturday (after SC and DH had a champagne "lunch" at the Palace) she saw Robin Williams and his wife looking at scarves. SoCal tried to alert DH without being obnoxious...
  2. Welcome back SoCal!!! I'm glad you had a great time in SF! Anything exciting in the SF H? Of course not, but I thought I'd ask - lol!
  3. WOW!!!:P That is exciting! Glad you enjoyed your trip with MK!!!!:love:
  4. ACK!!!!!! No WAY!!!!! And, dang it! I was going to go in today........

    I'll bet MRS. WILLIAMS got to see a few Birkins and Kellys.........:hrmm:
  5. MK posing under the Christmas tree after her return home...

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  6. what a nice trip! any pics you can share us?
  7. MK and her Christmas friends...

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  8. ...um.........and what are those other orange boxes peaking out from under the tree? hmmmmmmm??????
  9. Ms. Kelly looks so beautiful under the tree!
  10. Lovely report and Miss K is gorgeous!
    How did carrying this Kelly compare with carrying Big Sister BIrkin 35 while traveling?
  11. OMG SoCal SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!! I really love the lines. It is not common to see a Kelly in this size and color for me. Thanks so much for showing pics!!!!! She looks lovely and well loved.

    How are you liking her versus a Birkin?
  12. MK is soooo pretty! I was going to go to H today too but DH wasn't feeling well. So happy you all had such a nice SF visit!

    Holy moly that's a lot of orange boxes!!! Woohoo!
  13. Wow, Miss Kelly really has the life, ;) !! It sounds like you all had a great time and your gorgeous MK seems right at home amidst all those orange boxes under the tree.
  14. The large orange box belongs to Miss Kelly...the medium orange box under the smaller orange boxes belongs to...Miss Evelyne! Yes, MK has a new baby sister...she is slightly distressed as SoCal plans to take ME to Thailand next month... SoCal feels so "Angelina" now...Miss Birkin was "adopted" from SCP, MK from LV, and ME from SF...she is quite happy with her lovely family. Should add, DH is quite happy too...he is quite anxious with "anticipation"...
  15. :nuts: YES!!!! Can't wait to see Miss Evelyne!!! What color?