Miss Japan's Bvlgari blings!

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  1. Aren't they gorgeous? I love her blings! I could recognize it becos my dh bought me the older Parentesi collection last yr. Now I m thinking of buying myself the new open versions. I love the more affordable yellow gold version, but the diamond version is TDF!

    Do you gals love it too? Anyone else thinking of buying one?

    (from the missuniverse.com website)

    The diamond version:

    The yg version:

    The one that dh got me

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  2. Wooow, gorgeous. I love all the versions.
  3. Shes pretty, but the jewlrey is fantastically fabulous!
  4. I would totally go for the diamond version. It looks really hip.
  5. And this is the actual Miss Universe version:


    Its ravishing isnt it?

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  6. o wow... beautiful! i love the diamond version, it looks so chic and the string makes it sort of casual as well. they're diamonds that you could wear everyday.
  7. I love the Miss Universe version! The chain is divine!
  8. Tdf!
  9. don't you love it when you see your jewelry on tv?? or the similar line? i love that feeling!
  10. Gorgeous! I really really love that necklace. I might add, the dog is adorable too!
  11. i love miss japan...she's gorgeous :smile:
  12. Ooh, I :heart::heart::heart: Bvlgari! Love it! :love:
  13. Very nice!!!!!
  14. I love Bvlgari! It looks beautiful on her.
  15. I too love the Miss Universe version. It's TDF!!!