Miss Iran is Andy Baldwin’s New Girlfriend

  1. Miss Iran is Andy Baldwin’s New Girlfriend

    Now we know why US Navy Lt Andy Baldwin called off the engagement to Tessa Horst. He had another woman in his back pocket!
    The Bachelor hunk was spotted getting cozy with former Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli, in a Los Angeles park on Sunday.
    Andy, 30, proposedto Tessa, 26, at the end of the reality TV show The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman but called off the engagement last month.
    Haftgoli reportedly dated former Friends star David Schwimmer several years back.

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    Where does this man find the time? Miss Iran looks alot like Tessa, don't you think?
  2. Goodness.

    I just saw him about two weeks ago in Honolulu with another woman. I really don't think it was Miss Iran, because she was very very tall and looked a lot thinner.

    He sure does change women often. :confused1:
  3. Well, imho she's not so cute and looks a lot older.