Miss Emerald Courier!

  1. Aaallabama's example and egging-on persuaded me that I, too, needed an Emerald Courier!

    She arrived at my door this evening after a perfectly horrible day at work. :sad:

    But I opened the box and suddenly the world was bright (green) again! ;) She's everything I expected, thanks to Kim at BalNY who patiently sent many images and answered endless questions. She's interestingly veiny, but evenly so over her whole hide. Her leather's quite thick! In fact, she's a bit thicker than my '07 Cafe Day. I can't wait to see her mature with use. She slouches gracefully and is a terrific size for all kinds of adventures!

    I've attached a couple of images, but the light makes her look much veinier than she is IRL. They really don't do her clear, deep green majesty justice.
    2007_0114Boots0002.jpg Emerald-front.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. :yes: Thanks for sharing.
  3. Beautiful! Nothing like a brand new beautiful bbag to improve a bad day! :yes:
  4. Mmmm....billy, she looks YUMMY! Congrats on your new Bbag...
  5. Awesome! I love it! And the size looks perfect on you.
  6. CONGRATS! I love it!
  7. :yahoo: YAY!!!!!!! I'm so glad she arrived just in time to brighten your day!!!:yahoo: I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!:love: I have the same bag!!!! Emerald couriers rock!!!!!!!!!!:supacool: :heart: :supacool:
  8. ^^ yay, welcome to the emerald courier club!!! :yahoo:
  9. Yep, love my Emerald Courier too!
  10. :hysteric: now i wanna get one --
    thinking about making an offer the black extra courier on eBay
    umm -- my need is endless
  11. That bag is so pretty and soft looking!
  12. congrats, beautiful bag!
  13. Congratulations! Love that green:greengrin:
  14. it's beautiful !! :heart: :heart: Congratulations :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. Congrats! :biggrin: pretty color!