Miss Dragonfly is Here! Come Say Hi!

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  1. She came today! She is much bigger and heavier than i was expecting which makes me happy. Her tag says $48.00 but i got her for $36 with PCE. The item number is 92247.

    I love new Coach keyfobs/charms/whatever!

    PC130001.JPG PC130009.JPG
  2. Oh pretty! congrats!
  3. That is so cute! My SIL will die when she sees this. She is a dragon fly fanatic!:yes:
  4. gorgeous! i love the different sized "c's" in the wings, so pretty!
  5. That is really cute!!!
  6. That is absolutely adorable!!! Like princess said ^^ , I love the wing detail
  7. This is too cute! I want one for summer!
  8. It's beautiful!! Love the sigs on the wings! :tup:
  9. She's very, very cute!
  10. Very pretty! :love:
  11. Oh, I love it!!
  12. Thank you!! :smile:
  13. shes really cute....
  14. Aww...how cute! Perfect for spring!!!! I love it!!!!
  15. Thanks for the item #! I like the gems down the center, that's super cute!