Miss Dior vs Chanel Reissue ..

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    Hi guys ..

    need a little help from you.. i've only started collecting premier bags since 2011.. my goal is to collect 1 bag for each brand .. (Honestly i fall off the wagon now have 2 of each brand .. Can't help the temptation 😄) only need 3 more brands and i'm done.. now my dilemma is i've been wanting a flap bag to add to my collections .. can't decide really between this two bags..
    Really do love both this bags ..problem with chanel is the price ..just really can't justify forking out 6xxx for a bag.. i've set a limit of 5k max to spent on one bag ( this is the reason why i can't get hermes ☺️) which left me with miss dior .. been eyeing this bag for quite awhile one of the reasons why i like this bag is the fact i can hardly see them on the street unlike chanel they are everywhere... and also i've heard so many complains about the quality of the chanel bags..
    Another option is the soft dior flap .. but haven't really heard any reviews about this bag..

    HELP PLEASE !!!!
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    Reissue or Miss Dior. Hmmm, tough one. I have both and love them equally. Both are beautiful and classic bags. From an investment point of view, I believe that Chanel (and especially the classics) will retain its value better than Dior.

    What I love about Miss Dior:
    - It's simply beautiful/elegant
    - Superb craftsmanship
    - The lambskin is to die for, very sturdy and yet so luxurious
    - Cross body wear (I have the one with long chain)
    - Love the compartmentalized interior
    - It's unique (don't see anyone else with it)
    The chain on Miss Dior is a bit heavy though (maybe that's because I have the long chain version)

    What I like about the Reissue:
    - Understated elegance
    - I love the distressed leather (very maintenance free)
    - Love the chain
    - Love it that you can wear it different ways (including cross body)
    - It will always be a classic!
    The only thing that I do not like about the Reissue is the soft bottom structure, that will eventually sag after wear.
    Maybe you can avoid this by not carrying too much in your bag or use a base shaper.

    If you want a Chanel Reissue (I'm guessing the 227), but the max. you're willing to spend is 5K, would you consider buying pre-owned? Some are for sale that are in pristine condition or even new with/without tag, at a big discount.

    Hope that was helpful :smile:
  3. For 5000 dollars, have you thought of Hermès Lindy? Completely different from Chanel and Dior but such a beautiful model?
    That said, I am not a fan of Chanel, too ostentatious in my opinion.
    Dior is wonderful, the leather is, as Ironic, pointed out, to die for.and the cross body option is a plus.
  4. I love the quilting on the Dior. It is so pretty. I also like that you don't see it as often as the Chanel.
  5. This is a tough question because I love both. Have you tried both of them on? To me Dior seems to have better colour options and the leather is more to my taste. Having said that reissue is more elegant. If you're looking for a pop of colour I'd suggest Dior. If neutral colours then reissue is a better choice in my opinion.
  6. For what you get based on price, I'd definitely go with the Miss Dior. It's less expensive and features amazing craftsmanship. Plus it's more rare than Chanel bags so you won't run into anyone with the same bag.