Miss Dior vs. Chanel flap?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm very new in the Dior forum and this is my first thread, so please excuse me if this question has been asked before.

    I'm in love with both the Miss Dior line and the Chanel flap - but I have heard how fragile some of the Chanel tend to be (I've experience a defect myself). I'd like to ask if any members here own both/ have experience with both, and could give me some advice. Which one do you have to baby/ really take care of for - Miss dior or Chanel flap? (I'm thinking of the lambskin). I'm looking for a purse that I can carry around without having to worry so much that I might ruin it, because I will definitely be heart broken!

    Thank you so much in advance! :smile:
  2. Dior lambskin is more scratch-resistant than Chanel lambskin, so the Miss Dior should be easier to take care of than the Chanel. However, since it is lambskin, you still have to be delicate with the bag.

    If you're looking for a bag that is more worry-free, then I would suggest the Chanel Classic Flap in Caviar calfskin leather. I mean, I prefer the Miss Dior, but if you are looking for a more worry-free bag, then the Caviar Chanel would be a more appropriate option.

    If you have your heart set on the lambkin, then I suggest the Miss Dior. It is a stunning bag!
  3. Thank you very much averagejoe, that was exactly what I was looking for! :ty:
  4. The Chanel is more convertible though as you could pull the chains to make it shoulder or cross body where as the miss Dior you pick short or long strap. I guess with the miss Dior you could get the long strap version and wrap it around the front flap although over time this would dent the leather on the flap part. I love both of then, but I'm impartial to Chanel.
  5. Thank you DT93 for your suggestion! I completely forgot about the versatile chain :smile: now it's just harder to choose! (may be I should just get both, haha)
  6. if money wasn't a problem, I think you could get a M/L chanel (most classic size) and then get a large miss dior short strap (as it's basically the same size as a jumbo). In my opinion the jumbo is a bit too big to go cross body all the time and often gets really heavy. I prefer my jumbo on the shoulder.
  7. Thank you so much DT93! Definitely will remember this when I go shopping!:urock:
  8. My mom just got the Chanel caviar in jumbo. To be honest I'm a little obsessed with her bag I think it's perfect however I just got the miss Dior and I love it more lol. I find to many people to have Chanel. I tend to like the fact that when I walk in a mall and someone looks at my bag they would know its not a Chanel. I don't want to walk around with 10 other ppl sporting the same bag. However the Chanel is a classic and I'll probably borrow my moms a few times but they both are baby's regardless. Although someone made a good point about the chain. I do like long chain more it goes with everything in the miss Dior but in my opinion I tried to extend the chain for the Chanel but the bag doesnt look the same. Hope this helps u decide on ur purchase!!

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  9. Thank you so much for your reply! :hugs:
  10. Thank you bellachanelgirl for your input! What you've just said is definitely what I was concern about! I was looking for something that I can rely on both everyday, and special going out time ;).

    Turns out, while I was contemplating the Dior, my Birkin arrived a lot earlier than expected! Now I have to delay this purchase for a while! I have had a love-hate relationship with Chanel for a while now - I love it because it's so timeless, but at the same time I hate it for the decrease in quality and snobby SAs. I think Dior is winning me over, as now I will be considering both the lady dior/ miss dior in the future!
  11. Congratulations on getting a Birkin! It's my dream bag!
  12. Wow I love your orange Birkin. The grain on the calfskin is so beautiful!

    Mine won't be for another few years. Can't seem to save enough to get it, because I keep buying other things along the way.