"miss dior" promenade large pouch fuchsia lambskin

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  1. Ladies, any of you have seen this IRL, I'm totally loving it but would want to know your feedback on the colour and space inside the pouch. Also any idea how much would be the price increase for this one could be? Right now its GBP 1050!

  2. The colour is gorgeous, and its actually very roomy especially compared to the Chanel WOC.

    Not sure when the next price increase will be, but it probably won't go up more than 100 GBP.
  3. Thanks Averagejoe!! Need your approval stamp, just keeping my fingers crossed that it should be available when I go in July to Paris!
  4. AJ one quick question so sorry to bother you but does this come in Black with Gold hardware?
  5. Yes, and it's absolutely classic and gorgeous!
  6. I actually just bought one yesterday, in a blue color though. It fits quite a bit, I love it. Very cute item. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398308073.060606.jpg

    The fuchsia is gorgeous too, I was torn between the fuchsia and this blue at the store.
  7. Wow!! Blue looks good too!! I want fuschia but also want Black with gold hardware which is not available in my country :sad: may I know if you saw black with gold HW where you bought your Miss Dior please?
  8. Thanks AV!! unfortunately not available in my country and not sure where I can get this...
  9. This one is on my wish list but in nude or tan. Thanks for the pic showing what fits in it!

  10. I think they did have it in the pale gold color. But I was looking at the silver hardware more, so I didn't pay too much mind to ghw. I bought mine at a SAKs at Washington DC.
  11. Is ur bag the bleu Persan shown on the Dior site? I am looking for that and I am confused if its from cruise 14 or summer 14 collection

  12. Sorry I'm really new to dior I'm not sure.. :/
  13. Hi, I just got mine today. I love it, it's such a beautiful color! After seeing Snowbubble's I debated the blue (it is so pretty too!) but pink is more me. It has a lot of room, way more than my Chanel WOC. I can fit my sunnies, iPhone, lotion, and tissues. The color is pretty bright IRL, but hard to capture with a pic. I think it will look great with all the colors I wear in summer. I'm new to Dior so I have no idea about their price increases.
  14. oooh she is lovely!!!! a huge congrats to you!!! :biggrin: :yahoo:

    had i not gotten two chanel fuchsia pieces i would have gotten this color too ;)
  15. Thank you Txrosegirl! I wanted some Chanel fuchsia but it was not meant to be. Enjoy your pieces, it's a gorgeous color!!! :smile: