Miss Dior bag - any owners?

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  1. 991BACAD-D0DB-40E3-99AC-23E2D2DC8B75.png BCE8109E-391F-4246-9FAF-5A4525516E64.png
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  2. I am fairly new to DIOR. I came across this bag on the website. I like the detailed design of it. Does anyone own this bag or saw it in life? Wondering how is the size comparison between this one versus the medium Diorama? Wondering how much it can hold ( does it fit a full size wallet and an iPhone? Is this a seasonal item only? Any feedback will be appreciated thanks!
  3. I saw this bag in real life and it is awesome! I didn't put this bag with the Diorama side-by-side so it's hard to say, but this bag impressed me the moment I saw it on the website. The lock is very nice and unique, too.
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  4. I think Sophie Shohet has a comparison between the two but I’m not sure if it’s the bag size you are looking for, the comparison is with the Diorama WOC and they hold more or less the same (but I wouldn’t expect a iPhone XS Max to fit in the WOC though)
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  5. I like this bag too. It says coming soon on EU websites so I guess nobody here has it yet. Internal flap and side rings are interested too, I wonder what are they for.
    It says it is 22 cm long, which is like Lady Dior clutch, and I could easily put my long full size wallet in this clutch (19 cm).
    I saw info on it on Bragmybag but nothing useful so far. Looking forward to see more.
  6. It is available at some boutiques. It was available on the website a while ago (this style is not new) but it may have sold out, which is maybe why it says "coming soon".
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  8. I checked it out in person recently. I love the design /details of it. Unfortunately it was too small for me so I didn’t proceed with it.
  9. And we don’t have any chances to expect it in larger size?
  10. Unfortunately, not at this time.
  11. Thank you.
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