Miss Dior and New Lock bags - a few questions!

  1. Did you see the bag in real life? I'm confused because the photos on the Dior website say that the compartments are leather and it looks like leather in the photos too, the dividing compartments look too thick to be jacquard
  2. Yes, I tried it on at the Dior boutique. But it's not the exact one pictured here. It was the New Lock with the 'regular' cannage quilting. Maybe the one I posted has leather lining?

  3. The New Lock bags with exotic skin exteriors (like python) have leather lining.

    The matte calfskin New Lock has leather lining.

    All other New Lock bags have fabric lining, and this includes the quilted and hand-stitched Cannage versions. This is one of the reasons why I prefer the Miss Dior bag, which is lined in Cannage-embroidered leather.
  4. Does anyone know what the drop on the two strap lengths is? Thank you in advance!
  5. The more I see them both, the more I prefer the new lock over Miss Dior. :smile:
  6. I've been looking for a nice clutch for a while now and had an eye on the Chanel classic clutch. But looking at pinoko24's reveal :hbeat: *squeaking in excitement*

    I cannot get my mind off it for the past few days!! But can anyone advise me the difference between New Lock Pochette and Miss Dior Clutch?? Thanksss :biggrin:
  7. They're completely different bags. The New Lock pochette is like a smaller version of the Miss Dior bag, it's structured with inner pockets and has a chain although this is much smaller in size. The Miss Dior clutch is also bigger in size and doesn't come with a chain.
  8. THanks michi_chi! Do you think New lock pochette to be a smarter choice since I can use it as a clutch for dinner without the chain and wear it casually with the chain? How does the price differ?
  9. Personally I prefer the New Lock pochette because of the style itself, the New Lock bags are slouchy leather bags which gain its shape over time whereas the Miss Dior is a more structured bag. The pochette also has the chain which can be worn cross body, looped over the flap to be used as a double chain shoulder bag or the chain is detachable so you can use it as a clutch.

    The New Lock pochette comes in lambskin or patent leather in various colours for £760, but the only exotic skin on the Dior website at the moment is the Bois de Rose python for £1300.

    The Miss Dior bag is at a higher price range than the New Lock, comparable prices to the Lady Dior so I imagine prices will also be higher than the New Lock pochette prices. However, the materials and exotic skins offered on the Miss Dior clutches are fabulous, with beaded velvet, ostrich and crocodile skin to name a few in addition to lambskin

    In the end it comes down to your own personal preference, the New Lock pochette is smaller, cute and can be used night or day while the Miss Dior is a more elegant medium sized clutch, but I would advise going to your nearest boutique and asking to see both designs and range of materials available and decide from there ;)
  10. I was leaning more towards the new lock pochette but I was afraid that the cuteness of New Lock pochette might be out of trend after a while. I want a nice classic clutch so badly and finally.... I found two. sigh. I need to decide on the one I will love for a very long time. I was transferred out of UK and there is no Dior boutique nearby :sad:

    But still thanks so much for the very informative advices michi_chi!!! You've been such a darling. I will try to find a pic of Miss Dior clutch adn New Lock pochette side by side if possible. hehehe :p
  11. There are photos of celebrities and their Miss Dior clutches from the recent fashion show in Paris, Cameron Diaz is one of them, and Natalie Portman also has a black silk Miss Dior clutch to show you an idea of size. The Miss Dior clutch seems to be a favourite of celebrities because of the higher end events they attend:


    Natalie Portman

    Kelly Brook

    Peng Lin

    if you search the forums for New Lock pouch or New Lock pochette, you can see some modelling photos from members with their pochettes
  12. Thanks love :hugs:
  13. Just purchased the miss Dior. It comes in a small long/ short chain and a large long/ short chain. I don't really like to put much in the bag I have my Dior tutti wallet my lipstick and the set of Dior keys to lock it just in case anyone tries to steal my bag. Lol I'm to scared to put any more into it. ! But def good for a casual to evening setting!

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