Miss Diamond Barbie... Matted Hair?

  1. I have always been an avid fan of Barbie and I thought that the Miss Diamond Barbie Doll was absolutely stunning. I purchased the doll and brought it home, opened the package, and carefully removed the doll.

    She was beautiful... except for the mass of matted hair in the back. Four small sections of her hair were meticulously curled to perfection, visible from the front, but the back side was just a mess.

    I returned the doll for a refund because that was just unacceptable to me... but I love the doll. Has anyone else purchased a birthstone Barbie and is the hair in the same condition?
  2. I haven't bought from that line, but that is the playline, correct? Was the back of the hair 'sewn' in? Usually the are, and can get a bit tangled...usually it brushes out pretty easily since the hair is made of saran knots and tangles are pretty easy to get out. HTH