Miss Clichy

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  1. I feel so confused. I have seen that the Clichy is now a discontinued style but what about the Miss Clichy, is it still a classic or have it also been discountinued? Thank for you help.
  2. It's still available. Madison has them in black kid.
  3. I don't think they have discontinued the Clichy style completely, at least they still carry Clichy 100 in some of the EU boutiques and online retailers.
  4. From my understanding Miss Clichy has a platform and the Clichy doesn't. I think the Miss Clichy is around but the Clichy is harder to find.

    I may be wrong though. Can someone confirm?
  5. Miss Clichy is available in both nude and black kid at the moment (SCP got them in a couple of months ago & Singapore had them a few months ago). There was some talk in the new styles thread that they might be coming out in colours at some stage...?

    Clichy 100 was "re-released" in nude and black patent recently and sold like hotcakes! Shop Savannahs just got the black patent a couple of days ago too.. :ninja:
  6. OOh. I need to find them!
  7. If only they would bring back the clichy 120 :crybaby:

    ....i need some sort of petition.
  8. ^

    Preferably in NUDE

  9. I would totally get on board with that! :tup:
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    I'm all for this petition. Don't they know we have needs?!


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  11. Thank you for your answers. Do you know Ladies if the Black suede Miss Clichy 140 is available this fall?
  12. Totally agree and what about a return of the ALTI PUMPS!!!! Need them in Nude patent:graucho: . This syle is my ultimate favorite !
  13. Alti 160 in nude nappa... ohhhhhh my heart would sing.

    And yes... it was me who said that the Miss Clichy was to be in the SS/11 collection... my SA in Motcomb Street mentioned it a while ago although she wasn't sure what colours/materials.
  14. :graucho:
  15. Mr LOUBOUTIN please!!!!!:amuse: a petition it is a lovely idea !

    I just asked Paris about a special Order of Alti pumps but they told me that this style is not available even for a SO. I am so sad to miss to chocolat Kid Alti at the outnet.com sales :cry:

    Oh Thank you for the information about the Miss Clichy, I would love a Black Suede one!