Miss Boxe

  1. Does anyone have these in Patent? I'm wondering how they run. Are they current season or previous season? Any pictures would be great too. Thanks!

    Oh and also does anyone know if any Nordstrom's carry CL?
  2. I have them in leather and for me I need to order 1/2 size up. I've include the old pictures I took of my Miss Boxe. I'm pretty sure I got them in the spring last year. I think they came out in 2006.

  3. I LOVE them! Thanks so much!
  4. i have them in patent and they run TTS for me. it stretches so now it's a little loose! i got them in 2006 winter in Paris. good luck!
  5. I bought these in fall 2006 in the dark red patent. I decided to get my true size, which are a little snug because the 1/2 size up slipped off my heel. I usually prefer that my CLs fit a little snug b/c they usually stretch a little.
  6. I was inquiring the other day and was given this number (832) 201-2700. It's for a Nordstrom in Texas. You can also call (888) 282-6060, and they will transfer you. When you get the store just ask for salon shoes.

    BTW, the sa I spoke to there is Carleton and he said that he would ship the shoes 2nd day for free.
  7. Nordies in San Francisco carries CL as well as Canoga Park. I think there are other locations as well. The most recent Mrs. Boxe was the graffiti last summer. Footcandy still has some in a few sizes for 50% off.
  8. ^^^ Thank you all so much!
  9. Digging up an old thread...
    How high is the Miss Boxe? Is it still being made?
  10. Your best bet is eBay now. They do pop up here and there.

    I believe they are the same height as my Swing Swings (Burg/Black Striped), which are 4"

  11. I haven't seen any for the current or last season. If you're looking for a wedge, you can try the Peanut, which I saw in the BG fall lookbook.
  12. I'd love a pair of Peanuts. They just don't seem worth $800!
  13. ^ :wtf: say it isn't so, JSG!
    retail is $800? Too much for an everyday shoe :sad: