Miss Bessie take a walk on the wild side

Dec 21, 2007
Miss Bessie is very new to the world, but she has heard quite a lot about the exotic life forms on Ban Island. She is bored with her secretive existence and wants an adventure. Things look promising already.....


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Dec 21, 2007
"While he's pussyfooting around, maybe he'll take me for a buggy ride".

"You're my man, you're so nice and brown, sweetest man in this town
I heard you say you was goin' away, and leave me here to stay
I feel like I could cry, and here's the reason why
Daddy, you really knows your stuff when you take me for a buggy ride
I like you when you got your habits on, you can shift your gear with so much pride
I gets a funny feelin' when you gaze into my eyes
You give me so much thrill, you make my thermometer rise
I'm happy when you're by my side when you take me for a buggy ride
Daddy, you're as sweet as you can be when you take me for a buggy ride
When you set me down up on your knee, and ask me to be your bride
When you hug and kiss me it makes me feel fine
I gets this funny feelin' up and down my spine
You don't need no teachin', you don't need no guide when you take me for a buggy ride
Your lovin' ain't so forte in the park but you a lovin', poor creature in the dark
You ain't so hot!
What can it be that makes me say? "daddy, take all of me"
You always ready ev'ry time that I call
What I like about you, you never stall
You ain't no preacher, you a good old soul
You done sent salvation to my very soul
I can't kick but I'm satisfied when you take me for a buggy ride"

Miss Bessie (named after Bessie Smith, queen of the blues) is a Swift Indigo Bolide Secret.


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