Miss benin advice please

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  1. I have just scored a pair of Miss Benin for 60% off! Do you think they are nice or too extravagant in style? Views please☺
  2. I have two pairs and its amazing, very elegant.:happydance:
  3. Thanks stylin76 , I'm so excited as they are completely different from anything I own do you happen to have any mod shots or advice on how to style them please? Mine are just plain black😊
  4. I don't have a ms Benin but I have a hot grey pair which is slightly similar but without the platform and I love them. I think there is something classic about the knot in the front
  5. My miss benin have arrived and they are gorgeous! Dare I say they are even quite comfy!
  6. Love these. Keep keep keep!
  7. Definitely keep them, and please do post mod shots!! It's a beautiful style, very timeless and feminine IMO.