Miss Beige-Rose Kelly is home! My new Love!

  1. As some of you already knew, this morning I recieved an orange package. :yahoo: I am so excited because I fell in love with this color the moment I saw her so waiting for her arrival was another torture for me yesterday.

    I saw this similar color in a croc Birkin in pics long ago but I haven't seen this color often until one beloved member of tPF (SM), responded to my WTB white Kelly with GH thread and she said she saw one Kelly that I might like. How sweet of you Shopmom! :heart:

    I went to check this reputable website and I found the treasure. I saw two light color Kellys; one pale grey with pall (beautiful too), and the other one it stated as Beige Rose 32 cm Kelly with GH.:nuts: And of course I fell in love instantly!

    After a very sort thinking, a bit consulting with SM, and worry that someone else might beat me to buy this baby, I decided to purchase this baby!

    It was two days ago and she is here with me now!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I heard the Beige Rose only come in Ostrich and Croc but this Kelly's color description stated as Beige Rose and that makes me wonder if the actual color of this Kelly could actually be different or maybe she is! Since this color is very rare and she has letter F (2002?) on the blind stamp in addition to it, it has the celtic cross!

    The condition of this Kelly is very mint since the original owner only carried her once. When I got her, I inspected and indeed I agreed she is like brand new. It is hard to believe.

    The color is very light beige and it def. has a hint or tint of pink in it. It is very hard for mr to describe, I wish you guys can see her IRL because pictures don't do justice of this bag. She is def. a natural which I think can go alot with many colors, yes? No?

    That a questions for you guys to help me with what color goes nicely with this kelly.

    I got lots of pics of the bag and me and this baby for you to see . :shame:

    If you think you know what is the exact color name of this baby, please do tell because I would like to know out of myself curiousity (sp).

    Enjoy the pics..:wlae:
  2. pics..:wlae:

    Kelly B-R 01.JPG

    Kelly B-R 02.JPG

    Kelly B-R 01 open2.JPG

    Kelly B-R 01 inside detail.JPG

    I forgot to mention the leather..it is Clemence!!! My first experience with H light color and also the leather! I love it!!! I love the buttery soft to touch of this leather and the slouchy effect on this kelly. :heart:
  3. More pics..:heart:

    Kelly B-R 01 open.JPG

    Kelly B-R 01 inside2.JPG
  4. OMG!!! Yet another GORGEOUS bag, Sweetea! Enjoy it and HUGE CONGRATS!!!
  5. I can't help with your question, but wanted to tell you I am in LOVE with your new bag! Congratulations!
  6. That's just beautiful sweetea!! I'm sure it'll look fab on your arm!
  7. Me and my new love..:heart: :p

    Me and Kelly01.JPG

    Me and Kelly02.JPG

    Me and Kelly03.JPG

    Me and Kelly04.JPG

    Me and Kelly05.JPG
  8. Congratulations! You look absolutely fabulous with your gorgeous new Kelly.
  9. You bought it!!! Stunning bag and you wear her very well! Congratulations!
  10. LOL..I think I have one more pic..:yes:

    Me and Kelly B-R02.JPG

    :yahoo: :push: ;)
  11. Wow!! it's such a gorgeous bag!!! and your gorgeous smile as always!!!!
  12. Lovely!!! Very nice! Congratulations! :biggrin:
  13. I :heart: ur bag!! It looks fabulous on you...!! Congratulations!
  14. Thank you H_addict, beaumonde, clinkenwar and Rose!!!

    I think I am done for this year H bag purchases!!!:push: :sweatdrop:
  15. Thank you Fesdu, Neeya and Miraco11 for your sweet comments!