Miss America 2010

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  1. I can't believe no one has started a thread on this! Is anyone else watching?? I am not sure if it's my TV or what but most of these girls look weird to me. Most of them look like they had no idea how to do their hair and just sprayed it with a ton of hairspray which just flattened it out. Also I didn't get why the eliminate girls were wearing jeans during the evening gown competition. Even the audience is in black tie for god's sake. WTF?

    Having got my *****ing out of the way I always love the talent and interview portion of the competition!
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I don't mean to be mean, but the girls look strange to me too. I know looks aren't everything, but most of these girls are not great beauties.
    Maybe it's the HD TV, and the make up
  3. Maybe this just means they are leaning less towards the beauty side, more towards the accomplishment side which I think would be a great thing!!! I guess I'm just used to all those blond southern girls that always look so perfectly polished.

    Miss Nebraska had an interesting choice for talent....
  4. I agree.

    I like Miss Virginia and Miss Louisiana
  5. Maybe I am going blind but they all look like the same person to me. Well, with slight variations on hair color.
  6. I kinda thought that about a few of the girls as well. When they called a couple of the finalists I was thinking "Wait didn't they already call her??" :biggrin:
  7. I'm TiVo-ing it! There was a BIG KU game on tonight so I will have to watch it tomorrow!

    What is Nebraska's Talent???
  8. Wow, I thought it was just me. I was thinking the same thing, their hair is horrible.
  9. Yep watched it. Was a bit boring, I'd rather watch miss universe.
  10. We were looking at the line up like WTF? They had some seriously mishapen heads lol.
    Miss Virginia was very pretty though. I'm glad she won.
  11. hmmmm.. loking forward to see how
    new season.. lets hope they work on merit this time
  12. Miss Tennessee lives here in my hometown, so I was seriously pulling for her, but was happy for her 2nd runnerup placement! :yahoo:

    I'm not really that sure about the choice for winner. Her song was BAD. She was terribly off-key and her Q&A was a bit stumble-bumble

    I do agree that some of the hairstyles were fugly.:wtf:
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