Miss America 2008 on TLC

  1. It's on right now!

    So far I'm liking the changes. I noticed they don't have that cheesy dance number at the beginning. And the contestants introduce themselves and smile without looking like deranged cheerleaders.
  2. for the most part the bathing suits were horrible! not modern at all with the high rise bottoms! i agree about the opening though, much better. there's still a lot of big hair too, but definitely an improvement.
  3. And I'm pleased with who won. (I wanted either Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Florida to win.)

    I'm not going to say who until everyone has watched it.
  4. haha thanks Caitlin! I'm watching it now since I missed the live one.
  5. I'm very disappointed with the changes that they made to Miss America, it's no wonder it wasn't shown on the big networks.

    Clinton was quite rude ('what not to wear' episode comment regarding the audience and the dissing gown comment) and why the heck did they eliminate a girl in the middle of the talent part!?!!!

    Oh and having the girls who were not chosen sit on the stage is ridiculous. Those poor girls.

    ETA: Eliminate TWO girls during the talent part.
  6. I'm watching it now and I think it sucks!
    Seems like there trying too hard to make it hip.

    and I agree about the rude comments
  7. The dancers were not very good :sad:
  8. I was so excited at who won, maybe I'm a little bias since it is my state but I looked at every thing they had to do Swimsuit/Talent/Evening wear/Questions and I honestly think the winner was the best at the majority of these things.

    Her answer to her question was flawless and I think that untimatly made her win over Indiana . <--Only Highlight if you already know who comes in what place. She was some Serious competition.
  9. ^ her talent was the best! i cant remember her swimsuit/evening wear/question though but man, when she performed... it was amazing!
  10. Erm..the violinist was so out of tune and missed quite a few notes, poor thing - she was nervous - but non-classical music people would probably not notice.

    I wish the Second Runner Up had won - she did sing ROBIE WILLIAMS, after all. Teehee.
  11. Well, perspective and perceptions I guess.

    I didn't really notice a whole lot of actual changes, except that some of the girls wore evening gowns that did not conform strictly to pageant gown conventions, and a few had some hair movement.

    In fact one had enough hair movement so that a piece of it got stuck to her lip gloss, but it was a big enough piece to tell the story of the "changes" being so slight that if you had not been watching the reality check show for the last four weeks you might have missed them.

    But for the most part, the staff had done as good a job as always of rendering the girls as pageant-like and indistinguishable from one another as was possible.

    The biggest change was probably the inclusion of Clinton Kelly among the emceeing staff, and that is a good move, having somebody there that more of the viewers will have heard of.

    Pageant traditionalists who may have worried can breathe easy, though. The girls paraded in their swimsuits in the same way they always do, their little class in runway walking and movement and freedom having been reduced to some of them giving one foot a little kick here or there.

    The talent portion was every bit as satisfyingly and hilariously awful as ever, largely consisting of girls who in another era would have been said to "sing a little," as they took to the pianoforte after dinner, there to enchant the guests with a little Stephen Foster, and today we see their great-great-great granddaughters, with pageant look proudly intact, singing songs they have been carefully coached for months to sing, by professional coachers of pageantsong, with the requisite notballerinas demonstrating their pointe-skills, hard-won in those hopeful days before puberty and the reality of having inherited grandma's figure laterally transitioned them from dance to pageant, and as always, at least one intensely earnest player of a musical instrument.

    The poise competition's "changes" consisted of having people-on-the-street on video screens, asking questions that, we were told, had been determined by the auditors to be of equal difficulty, and after that remarkable announcement, the girls responded to the questions with utterances that were perfectly pageant-worthy and suffiiently Stepfordized to allay any fears on the part of pageant enthusiasts that the jewel in the crown might be considering a re-set.

    Pageants are what they are, and we all enjoy them according to our own preferences in the area of pageant enjoyment, and the Miss America pageant, even though it is the one that gave birth to the whole industry, is today, just another one.

    Maybe the real lesson of the reality check is that pageants are a reality unto themselves.