Miss Advised - BRAVO

  1. I agree! I'm so tired of the boring drama on Housewives of X. I think this show is a nice change. I'm enjoying watching Julia and matchmaker girl making fools of themselves :smile:
  2. Me too. You just take it for what it is. If it's not your cup of tea, don't watch.

    Julia is annoying though...she was out of control on WWHL last night though, and you could tell Andy was really irritated...I wonder if she was drinking or on something.
  3. Previews for next week look interesting - Julia is a nutcase.
  4. I only caught 2 shows and they were good but now I am more intrigued because I don't really know the backstory. I think this will get a second season.
  5. Does Julia wear fake eyelashes 24/7 or did she OD on Latisse? They just distract me way too much lol
  6. They are fake. Looks like furry spiders.