Mismatched Serial Numbers for Pochette and Zipper?

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  1. Hello!
    I just bought an LV Garance Rubis from a second-hand luxury website. I was so excited to receive it, and it is a very beautiful bag. However, upon closer inspection, I found two serial/authentication numbers on the bag. One is gold-stamped onto a leather tab inside the removable pochette. The other one is blind debossed onto the underside of the leather part of the zipper. The numbers do not match. The one on the pochette is MI2175 and the one under the zipper is MI2195. I emailed the customer service of the website pointing this out, and they said that because the pochette is removable, that they often produce the pochette separately from the parts of the main bag, and that's why the serial numbers are different.
    Have any of you heard of that for Louis Vuitton bags? Does anyone else have a Louis Vuitton Garance bag and can check if it's the same for you?
    They don't carry this model in all of the stores in the area where I live, so that's why I can't compare. The sales person I asked didn't know the answer either.....

    Thank you in advance for you help!

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  2. The purse and pochette are made separately and, as individual items, will have two distinct date codes. The two aren't united until the final assembly just before the bag, as a unit, is shipped out to a store. Other designs that can have more than one date code are the Josephine wallet and the Empriente Clemence Wallet (when the middle compartment could still be removed). Perfectly normal and just another interesting LV fun fact so enjoy your bag!
  3. Thank you very much, Miss Krys for your reply!
    Makes me feel better! I'm wondering though, why is it that the sales people in the stores don't even know this fact (that date codes can be different when there is a removable piece in the bag? Most of them didn't know, and one told me, "Oh yes, the date codes must match." :sad:
  4. Some of them probably just don't know. I didn't realize this until I had to send a Josephine wallet away for repairs and my SA looked for both date codes and explained it to me, although once he did it made sense.
  5. Ack. Here's more inconsistency... I had two of my friends check their Neverfull totes, since they have removable pochettes as well, and guess what? there is only one date code, which is inside of the pochette. There are no date codes anywhere on the bag itself. One friend has the tote made from epi leather, and the other one has the monogram... both are medium size. Both only had date code on the inside of the pochette. Sigh....
  6. Those bags will have date codes inside (although on very rare occasions a bag will sneak out the workshop missing one). It will be stamped on a little piece of leather and sewn along the top seam underneath the flap pocket.
  8. More heartbreaking news.... There is a someone selling an LV Garance Noir on eBay, and they say that both the date code under the zipper and inside the pochette are the same! They even have photos that show the same. :sad:
  9. It's safe to assume that both the bag and pochette were made during the same week, again that's no uncommon and perfectly normal. You have to keep in mind that the two are assembled separately (hence why one may be made before the other) from each other. During the manufacturing process the completed bags are placed on a shelf to the side to await their pochette, the same applies for the pochettes themselves, and then an employee will come along and randomly grab one of each and pair them together, wrap up the completed unit, and then ship it out to the store that placed the order. It would be very reasonable to conclude, by random chance of an item being selected on a shelf of several others, that it could have been sitting there for a few days to a week (or few) before finally being grabbed and matched up. That's far from heartbreaking so quit being dramatic:biggrin:

  10. LOL! Yes, true, I'm being dramatic only because I want to be sure I didn't dish out a lot of $ for a replica. :-s
    Thank you very much for your patience and your help, Miss Krys! :flowers:
  11. Most welcome:biggrin: Date codes are funny things and are actually intended for internal use only (to track batches or individual items sent off for repairs) and not for authentication purposes - customers aren't supposed to know about them and that's why they can difficult to find sometimes. It would be pointless anyways as counterfeiters have been copying them with varying degrees of 'success' so if you're truly concerned about authenticity then you can always request your bag to be looked at here http://forum.purseblog.com/threads/authenticate-this-lv-read-the-rules-use-the-format-in-post-1.926508/ (please read the requirements on page 1 very carefully first) or at paid sites such Carol Diva or Authenticate4U. If you purchased from reputable sites such as Yoogi's Closet or Fashionphile then the chances of you having the real deal are 99% (although their own professional and highly-trained authenticators are not immune to mistakes now and then).

  12. Gotcha. Thanks for the tip for authentication!
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