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Sep 28, 2005
My Lorah wedge shoes just got here! They are so adorable and I am glad I ordered them.

HOWEVER, I noticed something. In the photo on coach.com, the "denim" color is shown with light "Cs" on a darker background. But the shoes I got (and the shoes pictured in the catalogue on page 73) are dark "Cs" on a light background, like the other denim resort bags. I am not disappointed or anything, but I think that is kind of a big miss on their part.


They are actually this pattern:


Coach has another resort bag on the site with light "Cs" on dark blue, makes me wonder if it's another "prototype"...


I would take pics of my shoes, but my camera battery just died. Charging it now...
hmmm that is strange & misleading. Atleast you still like them. Can't wait to see pics. That resort duffle was only to be made for Macys, I asked my SA about the Macys line & she said something along the line of...Maybe later if the bags get requested more they might offer it at Coach. So, I guess they are a hot seller at Macys. Not unless my SA didn't know what she was talking about...could happen.
I think these types of issues are things that Coach should be more concerned about (for lack of a better word). There have been a few things lately that look one way on the site/in the catalogue, but look different IRL. Aside from these shoes, the blue patent mini-skinny, at least when it was first on the site, was shown to match the gallery tote, but it's a completely different color and the plum suede version of the legacy Ali and shoulder bags look very different than what they are IRL. It's not a big deal - I have the shoulder bag and actually prefer the real color to the one shown in the catalogue/website, but I'm sure not everyone who has purchased these items was happy to find out they were different.
I think the SAs have told us before it has to do with prototype pieces versus production....but I don't understand why they use the prototype pieces in the catalog and online when its not the final production item.
The online versions are to throw off counterfeiters.:yes:

That would make sense in a small detail, but this is a misrepresentation of the colors and pattern on the shoe. It is TOTALLY different. There is no point in trying to sell an item if you aren't going to display a picture of it that gives the customer an idea of how it will look. Counterfeiters can be thrown off by the sole, the logo, the color of the stitches. This is not the same.
^^Yes the counterfeiter rumor is not true. it was told before by the SAs here that it was becuase its taken so far in advanced, they cannot compensate for the new revisions they do even though they should stick with their originals!
Here are the shoes!! Many apologies for the dirty mirror and unpolished toes :shame:


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