Misleading item bought on Ebay…what should I do?

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  1. Hey guys!

    Recently I bought a pair of Hunter wellies on ebay that I won. The seller listed it as being size 38 (EU) and size 5(UK) and I got it for 64 euros (i live in Germany)

    When I got it today, I realized they were the kids version because they have the reflectors on the back, and it's even labeled as KIDS on the box.

    The seller didn't mention that anywhere in her ad that it was a kids size. She also purposely didn't display any photos of the back of the boots that would give it away that they're kids sized.

    I contacted her and she said that the item is as described and she's unwilling to give a refund.

    Should I open a case with Ebay? Or Paypal? How likely am I to get my money back? I'm so angry since a new pair of kids wellies only cost 43 euros!!

    Thanks in advance everyone for your help!!
  2. What category were they listed under?
  3. Contact ebay - of they are listed as women's and they are kids boots they are not as described.
  4. Open a case girl, that's just messed up
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  5. yes, open a case with ebay. She must have known these were the kid's version. Not okay. Does ebay.de still give away seller's phone numbers?
  6. Open a case.... the seller isn't working with you so now it is up to you

    Good luck...
  7. Op, i hope you get your refund. Very misleading.
  8. I disagree with the above responses.

    Sometimes certain styles of boots (and other accessories) can legitimately fall into different categories. And often, shoes that are "intended" to be for kids are sized and styled such that they can fit an adult.

    In the listing, the seller even showed the sole with the sizing!! It shows in women's (and men's) sizing! Did you not see the picture?

    If you take a size UK 5, EU 38 or US 6 men/7 women, these will fit you.

    I could understand if the boots had a theme -- Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Toy Story -- or some other kiddie-type pattern, but for plain navy blue rubber boots, it's very possible (probable) that the seller may not even have known they are for kids.

    Seriously, I'm not even sure what difference it makes as long as they fit! And in fact, if you have two pairs of Hunter boots, one kids' and the other women's in the same size, the kids ones will cost less so you'll save money.

    And if fact, because the boots show "mens" sizing, I don't think the seller would have been wrong if they'd been listed as "men's size 6."
  9. Thanks everyone for your quick replies! :smile: I'm going to open up a case and i'll let you know how it goes! I've bought quite a few things from ebay but i've never been in this situation….i hope it works out!!
  10. If the seller stands by her listing that even shows the sizing on the bottom, I have doubts that you'll win.

  11. Yes but the kids boots have white reflectors on the back of them and now that I got the boots and realized that they're for kids, I find it suspicious that she didn't post any side or back views of the boots that would clearly show that they're for kids.

    Also she sent me the original box and its printed on the side of the box that they are "ORIGINAL KIDS" so she obviously had to have known. There's a separate section on ebay for kids boots.

    Also the kids version are shorter, fits differently even though they're size 38, have big white reflectors on the back (a huge sign that they're not meant for adults), and cost significantly less!!

  12. What you have cited here is enough here for you to open a case .. Let us know how you make ou

    Good luck
  13. Coming from someone that purposely bought kids hunters, I can see why you're annoyed. I bought then as I'm quite petite and they worked out so much cheaper! But these boots are shorter in the legs than the original, and also aren't as wide, as they are to accomodate the legs of a child. They do (mine anyway) have two big reflective strips on the back, that are noticeable and definitely do change the design significantly. Hopefully you have a chance of winning, as they are different products.
  14. At the time I'd posted, there wasn't a response mentioning the shorter boot height and narrow calf. I went by the sizes shown on the sole and didn't realize that there were other differences that made a difference in how the boots fit.

    In this case, I have to agree that the seller could have listed them in a second category (women's shoes) but definitely should have listed in the kids' shoes category.

    And to give the benefit of the doubt that she may not have known that reflectors on them=kids shoes, it is the seller's responsibility to know what she's selling.

    (We criticize sellers with authenticity disclaimers and advise sellers who have counterfeit listing takedowns that it's required of them to know that items are authentic before listing. In this case, it would have been incumbent on the seller to know that her item is made for children.)