Misheard Lyrics- Are you guilty?

  1. My all time favorite song is Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. Now for the life of me I can not understand what by boyfriend Eddie is saying! So I make it up as I go along. Does anyone else sing songs wrong and think your right or is it just so messed up you don't even care and make it up as you go along?:jammin:
  2. Definatly! But at concerts (i only go to concerts that i know the songs) i sing along every word. People must think i'm crazzy.
  3. Oooops............(hiding in shame :s). You know the song by Rihanna and Neyo, "Hate that I love you"? On the course part, I thought she was saying "You know that I'm that chick on a pregnant." :roflmfao: I kept thinking, "That doesn't make any sense." ...........Found out she's saying "Maybe one day your magic won't effect me".............

    ........At least thats what I think she's saying now. Hell, I still don't really know :lol:
  4. :shame: When I was younger I thought Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson said "she's a slu**y mormon you will know" I asked my mom why it was such a bad song and she told me it said "Jesus loves you more than you will know" hahahah. :nogood:
  5. oh yeah all the time, that's why I love looking for lyrics online. I have a work college who is so obsessive, she will only go to particular site, because they are guaranteed to be the most accurate!
  6. My son thinks one of the lyrics of JT's SexyBack is "Drink some Wheat, Go head eat yogurt" The first time I heard him sing that I had to pull over to stop laughing!! They really say "Drinks on me, go head be gone with it"
  7. LOL! That's too cute!

    I thought that song by Colbie Caillat, "Bubbly" said, "the sight of my toes makes me crinkle my nose." And I was like "ew...who cares about your damn toes. Then I realized she is saying, "It starts in my toes, then I crinkle my nose." (I think, still not sure...LOL). I guess that's a little better...:p
    My most recent one was Tori Amos-Winter. When she says "all the white horses have gone ahead" I thought it was "all the white horses have gone to bed" LOL
  9. My dad is the worst when it comes to misheard song lyrics.

    Does anyone remember that song back about 15 years or so ago that went like, "Ooooh, baby, I think I love you, from head to toe"? I don't remember who sang it, but it always played on the radio. Anyway, my dad thought they were saying, "Ooooh, baby, I think I love you, throw me some foam."

    The other one is his misheard lyrics to "I will survive"

    He starts singing, and instead of "Go on now go, walk out the door..." he sings, "Oh, oh, domino...."
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I used to think it was "down at the sausage grill" instead of "Sunset Grill" ("Sunset Grill", Don Henley). My DH is the King of misheard lyrics, he can be quite hilarious.
  12. Okay, here's mine. With ABBA's Summer Night City, which goes like this:

    Summer night city...
    Summer night city...
    Waiting for the sunrise, soul dancing in the dark

    I used to sing: pole dancing in the dark...........:angel:
  13. I am guilty of this too!!!

    Is there really a website for accurate lyrics? I need that! LOL
  14. ^ lol yeah lots of sites. Just type in "*name and artist* lyrics" in google
    Or sometimes it will even work to just type a part of the lyrics (if you know them correctly lol)
  15. LOL! :roflmfao:

    I'm so guilty of this, lol. I always have to go and google lyrics b/c I'm usually WAY off.