Misery loves company: who else is on a purse ban???


Are you on an official purse ban????

  1. Nope, I'll spend until my credit cards weep and the repo men come for my car!!

  2. Oh yeah, I can't afford another purse until the sun rises in the west

  3. Neener neener, I manage my purchases so well I never need a ban

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  1. I am so sad to report that I am officially on a purse ban until my finances recover from Christmas :crybaby:(it was worth it tho!).

    Who else is on a purse ban??? I could use some co-miseration. :graucho:

    What's your timeline??


    What's the first bag you will buy once the ban is lifted?!?!?s
  2. I am right there with you! I am totally screwed for a little while. My wish list is just too big- and if I buy anything more right now, my PHH will be on a "jag ban" - so that is no good.

    Timeline: Spent a lot of moola this year, so my goal is to wait until spring to strike again:graucho:

    First bag when ban is lifted: My ultimate bag that I have been dying for is a Birkin. If that does not happen, I don't know what I will buy. I have a few Chloe and Chanel bags in mind. Oy, I cannot even think about it- I am already getting the itch to buy something.:p
  3. LOL!! ^^ :smile:

    My timeline: when my bank account has *money* into again (hee hee)

    First bag after ban: A big beautiful Balenciaga work, maybe in a blue shade, possibly white, or even grenat :girlsigh:
  4. I am on a self-imposed restriction because I'm going to NYC in May for four days to do nothing but catch some shows, eat, drink, and shop for BAGS (and shoes)!! So, I'm saving every dime until then. No fun now but I will be so glad I did come May! :nuts:
  5. Timeline: For me, it's summer. For others who would like to buy me bags for my birthday, it's May 3 ;)

    First bag when ban is lifted: Honestly, I'm not really sure! I'm so happy with the collection I have now, who knows if I'll even buy anything? I really like the Coach Carly in leather, but I could go for an LV Damier Saleya PM, Balenciaga first or a vintage Chanel classic flap in black :wlae:
  6. Considering I just bought my second chloe in a month, Im freakin' broke as hell, and loving every minute of it lol!!
  7. After finding out about different deals and sales in this forum, I have totally lost my mind:wtf: . In 2007(only 11 days, so far) I have bought 2 Chloe's and 2 Marc Jacobs bags:love: . Although I really love my bags, I keep telling myself nothing else for at least 2 months. BUT JUST FIVE MINUTES AGO I WAS LOOKING AT NM.COM:shrugs:.
    So I decided no bags until summer... unless I find a deal to good to pass up:roflmfao: .
  8. :roflmfao:

    I like that concept! :graucho:
  9. I`m on a definite purse ban until March :sad: :sad: :sad: my credit card wont even talk to me anymore ! :shrugs:

    ...the only exceptions would be if i spot craie or sable paddy:heart: , or a white medium gaucho:heart: or a VERY good price calcaire or bordeaux bally:heart: ...shhhh ....
  10. I'm definitly on a purse ban.... last month I bought a sable paddy and few days ago I purchased a certain chocolate bigger clutch / makeup paddy purse:p
  11. I'm definitely, totally, wholeheartedly on a serious purse ban - until September!! :crybaby: :wtf: :sad: :hysteric:

    Bought 2 Chloes, 1 MJ, 1 Hermes agenda, 1 Botkier, 1 Radley, 1 Fendi clutch, 1 Fiorelli purse, 1 Tula purse, 1 Mulberry - all in the space of 11 months.. :yes:

    But i don't know if i'll be able to keep it up til then...:graucho:
    Although my CC laughs at me every time i use it, so maybe i will just have to grin and bear.:sweatdrop:
  12. I'm not allowing myself to buy another bag/shoes until I pay off my credit card from Christmas. Shouldn't be TOO long but it seems the MOMENT you go on a ban that's when you see everything you HAVE TO have :push: :sad:
  13. So ironic, and so true!!!:hysteric: :yes:
  14. I am techincally on a purse ban.


    I haven't gotten another bag since my birthday in August. I've been very good in that respect.


    I feel as though I'm going to break very very soon. :whistle: Fashion Week is right around the corner and I've been so good...
  15. OMG, I know!

    Why oh why do I keep *looking*!!?!?!?

    Someone STOP me before I buy something!! :smash::smash::smash: