Miserable weather

  1. It may not be the kind of hot and humid weather you New Yorkers and Southeasterners experience (been there and, "oy!") but for L.A. standards it's been pretty yucky! My hair is paying the price. No matter what I use, I look like a giant fuzzball.
    How are the rest of you holding up? Looks like alot of the country is experiencing the same weather.
  2. it's finally cooled off in the pacific northwest. now it's just nice (about 75-85 degrees). well, i think it's nice. then again i thought it was nice when it was nearly a 100 here the other day. :smile:

    everyone else still says its too freaking hot.
  3. We're in the high 80's in Northern California. It already feels icky and it's not even really summer yet.
  4. It's actually pretty nice today, but it's been very hot lately.
  5. It's been raining here for 8 days in a row and for the most part only in the 50's. Yesterday it was supposed to be 75 but with severe storms on and off all day. I'm getting sick of it.
  6. We're expecting hail and bad thunderstorms tonight in the PA/NJ vicinity. I have to go to class tonight-I'm not looking forward to driving in hail!
  7. it's freakin cold today! i stopped straightening my hair because it frizzes up anyways. i just tie it up now.
  8. It is raining all day long here in Berlin:rant: :Push:
  9. It is about 65 and overcast here in Long Beach..ugg.
  10. Cold here near Chicago (60 degrees), rains every day too, how am I supposed to go shopping in this?:sad:
  11. It has been lovely here in Idaho. Up in the high70's-low 80's for the past week, then thunderstorms this afternoon (and probably tomorrow, too), but I love thunderstorms! I can't complain!
  12. yeah, weather here in PA has been so cold and gloomy this week. Sorry that I'm having trouble mustering too much sympathy for those in LA!! (just kidding! crappy weather sucks no matter where you live...but it does seem like southern CA usually has less to complain about unless there is a fire or earthquake or something...)
  13. too hot for me in sacramento.. i miss washington.. i am getting allergies left n right coz of the weather....... can't stand it anymore.
  14. Well it is wet and stormy here in London - spare a thought for us! Despite this we are facing drought orders in the next few weeks - I can't even water my garden with a hose or wash the car at the moment without the risk of fines, so I suppose I should be happy with the rain!
  15. its pretty crap weather here... well in Auckland! Is it going to rain? is it raining now? oh crap the sun is out... oh crap is that a dark cloud? oh its sunny again! oh look at the rain cloud!!! its totally 4 seasons in one day at the moment!!!!