Mischief Night Help??!!!!!

  1. Last year my kids participated in a neighborhood Mischief night game...I have been searching for it online but cant find it.

    Here is how it goes:

    You leave a plate full of treats on your neighbors door with a poem/limerick that gives you directions on leaving treats on someone elses doorstep. The note comes with a large picture of a ghost that you put on your door to let people know your house has all ready been "hit".

    It was great fun, and the kids felt liek they were being bad but really it was a good prank.

    I cannot find the poem anywhere, does anyone have it or have an internet link to it??

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Selena, I'm not sure what poem you're talking about so I'm of no help, but this sounds like a great idea!
  3. Ok Annie, you are useless to me! LOL LOL

    But thanks anyway!

    It was ALOT of fun. The kids had a blast doing it.
  4. Would this be fun for Teens? My new house doesn't get any Trick-or-Treaters & my kids are bored all night. I ma the kind of mom that won't let her kids party on a school night.
  5. BOO
    The air is cool, the season is fall
    soon Boo's will come to all.
    The treat that came with the special note
    Is yours to keep, enjoy them both.
    The fun comes with friends like you
    now copy this and make it two.
    Then others here among our friends,
    will give warm fuzzies that will never end.
    We'll all have smiles upon our face,
    no one will know who BOOed each place.
    Just one short day to work your fun,
    or a big ZAP will strike, SO RUN!
    And don't forget a nifty treat,
    like something cute or something sweet.
    Please join the fun, let's really hear it,
    and spread some Boo's and lot's of spirit.

    We do it at my work too. It's lots of fun to get Boo'd at your desk and we just post the sign on our cubicles.

    Thank you sooo MUCH!!!!
  7. Is this the samme thing Target is featuring, I saw a Boo bag station in their Halloween section & didn't know what it was.
  8. Hmmmm I have to check that out at Target!!!
  9. This sounds like such a good idea! All of the "lakers" are gone now and it's just a few of us "year-rounders" left at my lake house. We are a pretty tight knit group since there are so few of us. I think I'm going to give it a try. Should I give everyone a "heads-up" so that they can plan or is it to be a suprise? I think it'd be fun to have an adult goodie bag (bottle of wine/cheese/crackers etc.) and a kids goodie bag (candy/fruit etc.) too!!!
  10. I started this in my neighborhood about 3 weeks ago. It is called "You've been booed". You can type that in the web and find websites that give the boo poems and the picture of the ghost that says "We've been booed" to hang in you window or door. I started it with 4 houses, I went to the dollar store and purchased 4 halloween bags, put in a wooden ghost sign, candy and a ghost to hang on the trees. You also have to enclose the boo poem and the we've been booed ghost in the bag, they copy it and are supposed to boo 2 other people. It really caught on, nobody did it before. Right now I would say about 40 houses in the neighborhood are booed, the kids are wondering who booed each other.
    It is really fun.
  11. Super cute! How fun...I love it!
  12. ohmigosh! how fun is this?

    i'm having a sleepover the night before halloween...maybe we'll be "naughty" :biggrin:
  13. That sounds like it is sooo fun!
  14. Yup, my boss got booed last year. Somene left goodies at her door one day.
  15. this sounds sooo cool, never really heard oif it