Mischa's So Cute

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    Mischa Barton plays hide and seek with her dog whilst in a restaurant in New York.
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  3. Adorable!
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  5. I like her coat!
  6. So looks so cute. Thanks for posting!
  7. Very cute!!! Although why is her baby on the other side of the fence in the last pic?
  8. She's eating outside at a restaurant. people always tie their dogs to the rails on the opposite side when eating outside. Very common. :yes:
  9. I love that the doggy has his own water glass in the first picture. :love:
  10. aww, how sweet!
  11. I love that she takes her dog everywhere with her. Too cute!
  12. that's so cute!!!
    i love the puppy!:love:
    and her coat too...!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. that's too cute.
  15. aaw... suce cute pics :yes: