Mischa's Purple Chanel (Not classic flap) (Pics)

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  1. Can someone please identify this bag for me? :flowers: How does it differ from the regular classic flap that she has? Must add: I love it. :smile:


  2. i think it's a lady braid flap?
  3. I cant see the pics
  4. i cant see either:confused1:
  5. Pics again pleaaase :heart:
  6. can't see pics :sad:
    please use the Manage Attachments or paperclip icon to attach:yes:
  7. It's definitely the Lady Braid Flap for $1995...it comes in black also..i'm not too fond of it..it's completely different than the regular flap because the leather has a crushed finish and the hardware is a lot heavier..its just weird...i do have to say that I LOVE the bowler though..it's absolutely beautiful!!!