Mischa's Paddy

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  1. Is the size the paddington that she carries a large one? I want that size...

  2. I think it is the 14" (medium), but I could be wrong, it might be the large.
  3. Is the whiskey color? So lovely...
  4. Yes, it is :smile:
  5. No, that's the Tan. She was one of the first to carry it around from the spring 05 collection.

    It just looks like whisky cause she uses it a lot and it's probably aged/dirty, or it could be the lighting, but it's definetly a Tan.
  6. Hum... I can't tell the size. Looks like the 'normal' one to me...
  7. So the leather gets darker as it ages? Wonderful!! :love:
  8. Yes, that's what the SA told me.

    She's carrying the medium size.
  9. thats tan????? it looks exactly like my whiskey :S:S:S EXACTLY!!! so if the tan ages to become a whiskey ... what does the whiskey age to become??? i would love to knwo :smile:
    so my bag is an old lady? :P it is the color that results from an aging tan??? hmmmmm ....
  10. It thought it should be the tan, because of the age of the pic, but it really looks like whiskey. Either way, the color is really pretty.
  11. yes that's the Tan. When she was carrying it around august, that was the only color in that shade. Whisky is new for the coming season.

    I don't know his angel, I think it could be the lighting. And also because whisky is supposed to be the darker version of the tan. :amuse:

    BorsaBella how much are you selling the paddy for? I'd like to order a chocolate one.
  12. Very cute ........
  13. Maybe whiskey might become light brown eventually? :huh: