Mischa's Mui Mui Help!

  1. I know this bag has been discussed before, but I was just wondering if any one you have seen it in the stores in that particular colour? I'm a bit confused as to whether the leather version is available in more than one shade of brown. Thanks so much
    [​IMG] Pics from Mischastyle
  2. It's available for sale at neimanmarcus.com for $1295 in brown suede.
  3. Greendrv, thanks for the info. I am interested in the leather version but am wondering if it is available in two different browns. Just wondering if anyone has actually seen the bag in person.
  4. Not as of yet
  5. That's a rather unflattering costume she has on.
  6. I saw it in black at Saks yesterday. The leather is GORGEOUS - thick, squishy, soft - but it's a very big bag (bigger than the stam) and I didn't like it in black. So.....I preordered it in brown leather from Saks.com last night and used the promo code "shopjuly" for 10% off. They also have it available for preorder in royal blue (that was tempting too!) Oh...and there are two sizes on their website - I got the smaller one.
  7. That is really interesting, janyoung. The leather looks really nice and I agree that the brown would be a great colour. I haven't seen it in real life, but would love to!
  8. here's keira with the same bag
    keira knightly miu miu.jpg
  9. ^^I don't like it so much with that long strap. I like it shorter like Mischa's. But it's a gorgeous bag either way!
  10. I think its HOT! I think it may come in black too
  11. The leather version is now available on Saks.com!!
  12. It comes in black leather and brown leather 1495. They currently carry it at the miu miu store. The SA told me that particular style of bag is going to come out in different fabrics for future seasons.
  13. There is an article on this bag in the new Jalousse, The Coffer is becoming very popular with the celebs, Jessica Alba has it too. There is also a grey suede version that is very beautiful as well.
  14. Kate, Maggi, Jessica and Sienna does the bag two. I have been looking at it for awhile now...

    hhggg.JPG charcasiraghi2.jpg miubag-rr1300no-p.jpg miubagrr130q1si-p.jpg

  15. Where is the grey suede version available at? I called the stores in the US and they do not have that color? Is that color out yet?