Mischa's Little Sister Checks Into Rehab

  1. [, Mischa's little sister, Hania, 19, checked into rehab:

    ...Mischa Barton’s younger sister Hania, 19, has just been checked into a rehabilitation facility to treat her addiction to prescription pain killers. Hania Barton (who just turned 19 on February 18), was getting "out of control" according to sources close to the Barton family. ​

    The former The O.C. star, 21, is said to be very upset about what is going on with her little sister, but is glad that she’s getting the help that she needs.​

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  2. Reposted pics
  3. what a scary looking girl. I guess her sister got all the looks.
  4. Well I am glad she is getting help... all the best to her :yes:
  5. Yeah i wish her the best. Its all we can do.
  6. Wow--so young; I hope she gets healthy again.
  7. true, true.
  8. So young! The pics aren't showing up for me
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    This pic should work.

    Mischa Barton’s 19 year old sister Hania has checked herself into rehab.

    According to perezhilton.com, Hania is entering rehab for addiction to prescription drugs.

    A source close to the family has said "(Hania's) at that point where she could be going down the wrong path and it's being dealt with immediately,”

    he former O.C. star, Barton, 21, is said to be very distressed, but relieved that her younger sis is getting help for her addiction.
    “Everyone is hoping that this will be the first and last time Hania has to be in rehab," says the family source, "she's young, but she's a smart girl, she will be fine."
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    Mischa Barton is very upset about the whole situation.
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    I dunno, to me this looks like it could be a cigarette, but the paps over at Flynet positive it was weed. And, hey, they were there. There's no doubt this chick gets high (I mean, you kind of have to be stoned 24-7 to date Cisco Adler), but you'd think she'd know better than to smoke weed in the driver's seat of her car in broad daylight, especially with her sister having just checked into rehab and BFF Nicole Richie's recent DUI drama. But I guess no one really does that sucking-in thing with their cheeks when they're just smoking a cigarette. But who the hell holds a joint like that? What do you guys think? What is Mischa smoking?
  12. Sigh...it's sad that all of these young people in Hollywood have such serious problems.
    I hope her sister gets the help she needs.
  13. goodness... she must not be too bright doing that in public AND while driving. What is wrong with young hollywood??
  14. seems like everyone is checking into rehab. glad to hear she's taking control of her life and seeking help for her addiction.
  15. awww, I do hope her sister stays in Rehab and gets it all sorted out...