Mischa & Nicole @ The Pet Store

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  3. .Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton got all sloppy over the fluffy kind at the weekend!

    Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie got into a little bit of car trouble as they stopped for gas. A minor bumper to bumper incident. The occupants asked her for information after showing her the damage which was not really visible. Looks like no one likes making claims on their insurance, even if they are extremely rich and can afford it.
  4. I still like Nicole ...even though, those glasses make her look like a beetle. :s
  5. cute puppies !!
  6. Aaaaw, look at the cute animal babies :love:
  7. Hahaha me too,i actuallly like them both.I love how they always seem to have fun.
    And when i was in LA i visited one of those pet shops aswell,and i swear i almost had to be draged out of it.:shame:
  8. LOL!:p
  9. so cuuute... especially the one mischa's holding! :tender:
  10. Loving Nicoles sunglasses! I dont like seeing celebs constantly buying new pets. They use them as some sort of fashion accesories and for a few weeks you see them everywhere with their furry little friends before they then seem to tire of them and then they are never seen again! I would like to see celebs being responsible pet owners and setting a good example.
  11. So cute! The one Mischa is holding is the type of puppy I have also, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! They are the cuttest puppies in the world!
    Great pics, thanks for posting.
  12. i love them both! love the way Mischa held puppy too!
  13. Those glasses are hideous! She needs to take them off so she can see such cute animals :biggrin:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. They're both so cute. Nicole looks so tiny compared to Mischa in the pic above