Mischa in Japan

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    Mischa Barton in Japan (01/30/2007) -to promote the release of The OC DVD, which goes on sale on March 23, 2007. Japanese model, Yuri Ebihara, announced Mischa at the conference held at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo on January 30.
  2. I think she has finally put on some weight - thank goodness!
  3. Ugh - don't like the dress and don't like the shoes.
  4. cute dress! not liking the ballon arm though... is it chloe?
  5. It's not my favorite look on her!
  6. Not a fan of the dress..
  7. hating dress and shoes. she does look glowy tho :smile:
  8. Not a fan of that dress either... :s
  9. i don't like the shoes. but i :heart: her:smile:
  10. Shame, she's such pretty girl....and she always manages to looks so badly dressed.
  11. yep.. dress has gotta go.
  12. Horrible dresser!!!
  13. I don't think she's all that. She's more hyped up than she deserves to be!
  14. Exactimo!:yes:
  15. Ummm, what is she wearing? Not sure I really like it :shrugs: