Mischa Barton's tote in Season 1 of the OC.

  1. Does anyone know what this is? I've gotten so many mixed responses and I've heard it may be vintage. If so, does anyone know if Chanel is making something similar?

    It looks a lot like the GST, but rather than the giant CC on the leather, it just has the smaller CC at the top of the bag (looks like the CC on the jumbo flaps.)

    I prefer the smaller CC rather than the large and so I'd love this bag or something similar? Is there even any hope?

    (Im trying to locate a photo.)
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Those are the best photos I can find. Im sorry I can't find one of just the bag or something!
  6. This is a vintage. I believe. If you try to search the threads, you might come up with the answer for this one, this was asked a few times ago.
  7. If it's vintage, is there anything similar?

    I don't know that I want that giant CC that the GST has.
  8. I have a similar tote with the gold CC lock, which I found on eBay. Haven't seen the same one since.
    You can see mine in the reference library.

    Maybe you will like the new expandable tote? It also comes in black this fall:

  9. OMG... i love this bag! Do you know if it came in black and what the name is? Thanks!

  10. ^^
    It's the new expandable tote and it does come in black (beautylicious says it in the post you quoted!)
  11. I believe it's called the expandable tote and will come in black, white, and brown.
  12. Thank you! I love it!

  13. How much will that be, does anyone know? x
  14. ^^ It will be $2295. Style code number: A36060Y01669
  15. Does the expandable tote have a zipped top?