Mischa Barton’s Rousing Russian Lesbian Role Based On t.A.T.u

  1. Finding t.A.T.u., a lesbian love story starring Mischa Barton and Shantel Van Santen, is based on real events from the novel t.A.T.u. Come Back. As the content is provocative, directors of the film hope to receive ratings from each country that will permit everyone, especially younger audiences, to see the film. Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. will be play themselves.

    For more about Mischa’s role, clips, and t.A.T.u bio read here
  2. Another lesbian role for her!wow!
  3. That's cool! I'd see the film.
  4. This could be interesting... dang, this topic makes me miss Russia :smile:
  5. That's very cool!Mischa is one of my favorite celebrities.
  6. Good for Mischa!The other girl i don't know who she is, but she's gorgeous.
  7. hmnn ... interesting.
  8. I would go and see it. I bet it will be an interesting movie.
  9. i really like Mischa. hope it goes well.
  10. not too sure about that movie...
  11. Hmm..Thats hot!Very interesting.
  12. This sounds like hardcore Lassie.

  13. Another lesbian love!Interesting!
  14. This sounds like interesting and very cool!Mischa is gorgeous!
  15. Sounds hot to me!!!;)