MIscha Barton's bag?

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  1. What's the bag that Mischa Barton carries? :smile:
  2. Oooo! Louis Vuitton! Don't know which one tho....
  3. isn't that the miu miu bag that maggie gyllenhaal was carrying, too?
  4. it looks like Miu Miu. similar bag that carried by sienna and jessica alba. someone id this bag already.
  5. ooh i haven't seen the leather brown one yet. the leather purses are $1495 + tax. These bags have been getting a lot of press. Seen it IRL.. and they're very roomy! Also comes w/ a longer strap so you can wear it across the body.
  6. I believe so, its a post already on here about this bag..
  7. yes, that's a Miu Miu!!!!:biggrin:
  8. The braided handles make me believe this is a Miu Miu. I've seen it in creme before- I love the brown. Probably because I am in my brown and blue phase.
  9. i also think it's by miu miu.
  10. Thxs girls. So it's really Miu Miu? I love the bag so much!!
  11. me too!!! 1500 is too much for me tho :sad:.. need to save up!
  12. GORGEOUS bag!!!!!!