Mischa Barton's bad wishes for the OC.....

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    Mischa Barton actually believed that she's the main reason why the OC's ratings dropped drastically after she was "killed off" in the show.

    Do you really think so???


    source: CelebrityWonder.com - The Latest Updates
  2. Oh lawdie. Where does the ego come from?
  3. ha ha ha! I never liked that girl! Her face seems weird to me!
  4. whatttt????
    well, maybe yes that would one of the reasons. but shouldn't be mentioned in public!
  5. i don't even watch that show.. ??!!
  6. Wasn't the rating dropping before she left?
  7. The reason I stopped watching is because she wasn't on it anymore....
  8. I never liked it in the first place! Theres just something about her that I don't like and I can't put my finger on it? Maybe it's her ego.
  9. can't stand this girl :yucky:
  10. I only watched the show because she was on it.
  11. Agree with her though!
  12. Same here.

    And I think she's gorgeous!
  13. i'd still watch it if it wasn't on opposite of GREY'S ANATOMY. i think it was a horrible decision to keep it in that timeslot, particularly since so much of it's target audience became grey's fans during the OC's very long hiatus.
  14. She can't act! :yucky: The reasons why the show is being cancelled ... well, let's see, it does have good story lines to begin with, and it got moved to Thursday night and guess what else is showing on Thursday night? CSI and Grey's Anatomy ... hmmm ... what to watch????!!!
  15. I've never liked her, I thin she was WAY overhyped from the start. I read about her in Aus Vogue and she seemed really full of herself. I conseider her really normal looking but too skinny.