Mischa Barton

  1. I dont think she looks bad, just not as good as she used to.

    She was so GORGEOUS in The OC, very slim body and very pretty face.

    Now she gained a couple pounds, her face looks different, but i still consider her beautiful. Seriously why does her weight matter anyway? People poking fun at her weight when she isnt even "fat" is what drives girls to anorexia.
  2. I don't think she's an unattractive girl, but she has terrible taste in clothes. That outfit with the tight yellow pants and red pumps is hideous!!! I just don't get it. :shrugs:
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    oh, totally agree with u girlz..she was so beautiful back then..I loved her in the O.C.
    What happened to her? :shrugs: However I really LOVE her handbag collection! :tup: I have 6 beautiful MB handbags and a purse. Do you girlz have a MB handbag? :smile:
  4. I see nothing wrong the way she looks. As long as she is happy that is all that matters.
  5. I have a suspicion that her appearance may be being changed slightly by psychiatric drugs.. in which case, people need to stfu and back down about bloating/ weight gain, etc. Esp that disgusting ex boyfriend. Besides, she has no obligation to look perfect. There are enough 'perfect' starlets to fill every corner of the earth. A little bit different from everyone else can be really endearing.
  6. Coachella Music and Arts Festival




  7. I adore Mischa! :heart:
  8. ^she wouldn't look bad at all in the pics above if she didn't have that awful red lipstick and her hair had some low lights in it. not a fan of the hair color...unless its for a role she should change it.
  9. ^ For some reason in the new pics, she kinda looks like Mary-Kate? ha ha, is it only me?

  10. Kind of yeah!

    I really appreciate that she doesnt feel the need to be orange.
  11. If only Brandon Davis could spell... what is a "hefer" ??
  12. ^he's an idiot and very disrespectful to women.
  13. Yep, he is. Who can forget the firecrotch incident? :-s
  14. i like mischa barton a lot, she was amazing on the oc and i also liked her movie 'walled in' she's a talented actress. however she's been looking horrible lately, even though it pains me to say. everything from her outfit choices to her hair colour and that awful red lipstick is just plain wrong. sorry. i also liked her on the beautiful life, her character was very interesting, so sad it was cancelled.

    i truly miss her old oc days, her body and that hair! every guy i knew totally had a crush on her :smile:
  15. Clearly I am the only one who does my research here :p Brandon Davis actually claims to have NOT attacked Mischa via twitter. The account wasn't even verified so it could have been anyone.

    Read here:

    I agree that he can be a douche but they were together for awhile, and that would have been a super low blow so I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.