Mischa Barton

  1. is she staying in NYC despite her showing there being canceled?
  2. Michelle, I think she is staying in New York:

  3. ^thanks. for that and the pics

    i love that last dress, i think it's versace
  4. You're welcome :smile:

    She isn't back in the good shape, but I think she's back on track.
  5. mischa is soo pretty!
  6. pretty pics
  7. girl needs to realize shes not a size 00 anymore.
  8. what a pity... she used to be gorgeous...
  9. Brandon Davis calls Mischa a "heifer"

  10. Am I the only one who doesn't think she looks THAT bad? Perhaps really bad PMS bloating? I think she's still a pretty girl.
  11. Davis: "I'm not to blame for the Mischa tweet"


  12. Nope. I would have never guessed if she gained a couple it would have been in her lower region. With the right undergarments she'd look better.