mischa barton

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Mischa always looks good, i wish i had her bag collection
  5. I love Mischa, she's so adorable!
  6. Don't care for any of these pics...she usually looks so much better
  7. she's so tall!!! and I can't believe she's only 19 - wow. Love that McQueen sweater. And I also would love to have her bag collection lol.
  8. I love her McQueen Cardie- but that first pic her makeup looks really bad- it makes her eyes look droopy?!
  9. i think she got a droopy eyes already... i love her in dazzle pics
  10. cute sweater!
  11. she is always adorable...and i love the way she matches her clothes most of the times....she's got an unique style!!:queen::queen:
    ....and i droll in front of her handbag collection!!!:heart:
  12. Mischa's gorgeous! I'm still bummed that she isn't going to be on the OC anymore! :sad:
  13. She looks so cute in the first pics...her eyes remind me of a doll...so wide-eyed and awake...and abit scary looking :lol:

    Love the McQueen sweater and her sunglasses although they look abit large.
  14. She's always been so beautiful!
  15. isn't she 20 years old?

    i love her chanel collection!
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