Mischa Barton with dark hair in NYC (08/07/07)

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  2. She looks pretty with dark hair but not that dark!
  3. i agree! i have always been envious of her hair, but not this color
  4. This is a tad dark for me...
  5. Too dark for her. She looks like Katie Holmes here.
  6. I agree its just a little too dark.
  7. I agree, I love dark hair on her but not that dark
  8. I like her hair color like this! Much better than before. I didn't like her old color at all!!
  9. I think that it is too dark also.
  10. I love the color..makes her stand out!!
  11. hmm I'm not liking it it's too dark
  12. She looks like Katie Holmes! I never noticedthe resemblance until now!
  13. I'm not sure.. she looks kind of washed out like this.
  14. She looks pretty!
  15. a bit dark but she still looks great!