Mischa Barton Overdoses & Rushed to the Hospital

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  1. I have to say, this is a real disappointment! I didn't know she was a druggie. Young Hollywood is a mess! :tdown:

    Oh mush mush!

    What not so talented actress and spokeswhore created a huge scene at a Memorial Day house party on Sunday at the home of Nicole Richie's best friend?

    Apparently, she did so many mushrooms - in addition to a lot of cocaine - that she thought she was dying!

    What a fart-tastic way to ring in the holiday.

    Update: TMZ has confirmed our scoop, though they're claiming Mischa suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics and alcohol.

    Our sources inside the party insist it was much more than just alcohol and antibiotics.

    Fartone was rushed by paramedics out of the party in a stretcher, sources tell PerezHilton.com exclusively.

    "It was total chaos," says one partygoer.

    Mushy is currently in the hospital.

    Who is rushed to the emergency room from too much alcohol and antibiotics????

    No one!

  2. It doesn't surprise me at all.
  3. I am disappointed too. I guess it must be very difficult to stay clean in Hollywood when everyone else around you are into drugs and alcohol.
  4. Really disappointing - she needs to clean herself up!
  5. I am not a fan........there is something "off" with her and I HATE the way she stands/poses. She always looks sloppy to me.

    But, for her sake, I hope she is okay.
  6. I'm a little skeptical about this one.
  7. I'm not her fan either and I'm really not surprised.
  8. Yes, I hope she will pull her life back together, but I was never a Mischa fan either!
  9. These young celebrities need to get a grip! Its ridiculous. Do they all think they are invincible? But for her own sake I hope she is ok. . and if she is doing drugs, I hope she gets the help she needs there too.
  10. I've never liked her...
  11. wow! I'm very suprised!
  12. thats really sad..these people seem to have no self worth
  13. What is with these people? They supposedly have everything, yet still resort to these lows? I hope it's not true, but if it is, not surprising considering the crowd she hangs around with.
  14. What a shocker. Another actress of very limited talent, going off the rails. Its so boring now! I mean, I know their lives must be sooo sooo difficult ;) - Jeez, im so bored of these crappy girls!
  15. Ugh it feels like every young celebrity in Hollywood is doing some form of drugs.